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NEWS - Unleash the Value of HR: Motorola Solutions Migrates to Aon Hewitt’s HRO Workday Solution

November 2013 – Insight from a practitioner that led a major global transformation.

Norman Ross has an interesting view of HR operations from his side of the desk. The global vice president of HR shared services for Motorola Solutions Inc. recently led the HR part of the separation of Motorola’s Mobile Phone business from Motorola Solutions when both organizations became independent companies in January 2011. Since then, he has helped drive the transformation of the global HR function through a two-year project in more than 63 countries and 23,000 employees—details below.

How did you vet Aon Hewitt? What was the process around that selection?

We spent the early part of 2011 looking closely at our HR service delivery model, being clear on what we would outsource, what we would retain inside, and agreeing how we wanted to deliver services to our employees around the world. Once we were clear on that, we ran a very rigorous request for proposal (RFP) process where we invited five of the major global HR BPO providers to discuss what they could do. We were coming to the end of a 10- year arrangement with ACS Xerox and we knew the HR BPO market had changed significantly during that time—as had our business model. So it was important that we took a fresh look at everything we were doing and make sure that we found an organization that we could develop a strong partnership with and drive a much more standard approach to our “back office” administration and frontline services we offer employees.

We involved the broader HR organization in the RFP process ensuring we had a good representation from around the world. We found that Aon Hewitt was able to meet our requirements in terms of quality, cost, and service. In addition, as we’d gone through the RFP and contracting processes we found that Aon Hewitt fit very well with our culture and values, making them a good fit for us as a long-term partner that we could work with to continuously improve the way we deliver HR services.

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