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NEWS - HSA Assets Have Grown 23% Over the Past Year to $42.7B

August 22, 2017 – Health savings account (HSA) assets grew 23% over the trailing 12 months ended June 30, to $42.7 billion, according to Devenir Research’s analysis of the top 100 HSA providers. The number of accounts grew 16%, to 21 million.

HSA investment assets increased 44% over the past year to $6.8 billion, and investment account holders have an average balance of $15,146. Health plans are the biggest driver of new HSAs, accounting for 36% of those opened since this January.

In 2016, HSA holders and employers contributed $25.5 billion to the accounts, and participants withdrew $19.8 billion. Exactly one-third of all HSA dollars contributed to an account year-to-date this year have come from an employer.

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