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NEWS - Great-West Financial launches Empower to Represent Retirement Services Offerings for U.S. Marketplace

October 30, 2014 – Greenwood Village, CO – Great-West Financial, the second largest retirement services provider in the U.S. market with nearly 7 million defined contribution participants and more than $400 billion in plan assets, today announced that its retirement business will officially be named “Empower,” effective immediately.

“The Empower brand name will represent our company in all forms of communication with the marketplace, and more importantly, it symbolizes a new era in retirement services,” said Robert L. Reynolds, President and CEO of Great-West Financial.

Empower is the retirement services business of Great-West Financial®, which recently completed its acquisition of the J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services large-market recordkeeping business and is integrating the retirement business of Putnam Investments. The organization serves every segment of the employer-sponsored retirement plan market: small, midsize, and large corporate 401(k) clients, government 457 plans and non-profit 403(b) entities, as well as private label recordkeeping clients.

Further discussing the brand, Reynolds said, “All of our experience and research points to one simple fact: Plan sponsors and their participants want – and need – to be engaged in driving desired outcomes for their retirement plans and their families’ futures. As a firm, we will channel our resources, expertise and scale to provide employers and their employees with information they need to make good decisions and the ability to execute on those decisions. We believe that in order to best address the retirement savings challenge in America, the name of the game in the years to come is empowerment.”

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