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NEWS - Cisco Implements Cloud-based Benefits Administration Software for Global Workforce

September 10, 2014 – For U.S.-based multinational companies, administering and communicating benefit plans in multiple countries – each with its own regulatory regime and unique workplace culture – is no simple task.

Cisco Systems Inc., an American multinational technology company with headquarters in San Jose, California, recently turned to a cloud-based benefits tool for its international employees, particularly those in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Charlie Johnston, vice president of HR, EMEAR at Cisco, says “creating great online employee experiences and using innovative technology to solve global problems is part of [Cisco’s] DNA.”

“We wanted a solution in EMEAR that automated how we administered all our benefit plans as well as providing each Cisco employee with one place to transact and review benefits and reward information – we called this i-benefit@Cisco,” Johnston explains. EMEAR at Cisco had been using 12 benefit brokers, more than 70 benefits vendors and more than 30 long-term savings plans as part of its benefits offerings.

But, Cisco’s benefits communication and interaction were all paper-based and didn’t achieve the touch points during vital communication periods for its generous – yet complex – suite of benefits, says Chris Wakely, senior vice president of Thomsons Online Benefits North America, a benefits software provider.

Cisco implemented Thomsons’ Darwin product, which is also used by technology companies such as Microsoft, Bwin and Samsung, to automate and streamline how it managed its benefit plans around the world.

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