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NEWS - bswift Announces Private Health and Benefits Exchange: Springboard Marketplace

February 4, 2014 – Chicago – bswift, a leader in cloud-based technology and services for employee benefits and exchanges, announced today the launch of Springboard Marketplace, a private health and benefits exchange.

For employees, the platform offers a broad selection of attractive benefits and perks ranging from insurance to products and services that can elevate their health and wellness. For employers, the marketplace provides a streamlined way to provide benefits all year round, for both traditional benefits as well as innovative new offerings. Best of all, it enables employees and employers to manage their benefits budgets via a defined contribution model, aided by the “Ask Emma” decision support tool to help employees make educated and intelligent choices.

“From the very beginning, our goal has been to use technology and information to simplify the administration of health care benefits, reduce costs and empower consumers, and the development of Springboard Marketplace is an extension of that strategy,” said bswift CEO Rich Gallun. “Our technology platform is already being used by many of our exchange partners today, and now Springboard offers the launch of bswift’s effort to ‘stock the shelves’ of our platform with pre-configured product offerings from carrier partners and other employee benefit vendors.”

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