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NEWS - Aon Hewitt: Year-Two Enrollment Results Show Private Health Exchanges Can Mitigate Costs

March 6, 2014 – Lincolnshire, IL – As employers search for new and innovative ways to provide competitive benefits to employees, positive second year enrollment results from Aon Hewitt, the global talent, retirement and health business of Aon plc, demonstrate that the Aon Active Health Exchange is delivering on its promise to engage consumers, offer broad choice and control cost.

During the enrollment season last fall, more than 600,000 employees and their family members enrolled in group health benefits for 2014 through the Aon Active Health Exchange. According to Aon Hewitt’s post-enrollment analysis conducted by an independent third-party, nearly 75 percent of enrollees felt confident they chose the health plan that offered the best value for them and their family, and 87 percent liked being able to choose among multiple carriers. The Aon Active Health Exchange, the only private exchange for large employers that offers fully insured group health plans from multiple insurance companies, is part of the company’s suite of innovative health solutions designed to help employers implement new and sustainable benefit strategies that meet the individual needs of employees, retirees and their families.

“The Aon Active Health Exchange facilitates health care consumerism and aims to drive healthier behaviors by transferring the responsibility for making health coverage and insurance company decisions from the employer to the employee, and we’re seeing employees embrace this shift,” said Cary Grace, CEO of Aon Health Exchanges. “By creating a marketplace where there is strong competition at a consumer level, employees better understand the support provided by their employer, and they are comparison shopping to find the solution that best meets their needs. This kind of consumer buying power gives individuals the freedom to reevaluate their health coverage options each year to ensure that their coverage continues to meet their personal needs. It also encourages insurance companies to deliver greater value and provides incentives for ongoing market innovation that benefits them, consumers and employers.”

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