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NEWS - Sears Employees Discover Value in Private Exchange

March 16, 2015 – As many as 90,000 Sears employees are finding it easier to shop for health care, are savvier about their coverage choices and finally understand the meaning of value since the 129-year-old retailer switched to a private health insurance exchange three years ago.

Dean Carter, the company’s chief HRO, revealed these and other details during a recent summit about the future of health care in Washington, D.C. The event, which drew more than 500 business leaders, was hosted by the Advisory Board Company.

“When we were considering what to do when we first went on the exchange, we could have continued to manage our plan aggressively just like we’d done for many years,” he explained, addressing a concern about the political instability around public health care policy slowing the private HIX adoption rate.

“But the ACA was coming and looming,” he continued, “and we decided to go ahead and move. Now we didn’t need the ACA to implement the private exchange is what we discovered, but the ACA was the disrupter that caused us to think differently about [how] maybe we could reinvent the way we looked at how we provide health care to our associates.”

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